About Us

Trilogy Machinery, Inc. is committed to bringing the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and service in order to achieve a reputation as a leader in the metal fabricating machinery industry. We believe this dedication will benefit everyone– our customers and dealers, our team members and our suppliers.

Trilogy Machinery is the Exclusive North American agent for SWEBEND bending rolls from Sweden, and WARCOM Press Brakes and Shears from Italy; United States agent for AKYAPAK bending rolls from Turkey, Exclusive United States agent for SUNRISE Ironworkers and Exclusive North American agent for LEMAS Plate Bending Rolls and INDUCTAFLEX bending machines. 

Trilogy also sells refurbished Roundo Bending Rolls and stocks over $1,500,000 of Roundo parts, the most in the world. Trilogy staff have the most experience servicing and supporting Roundo rolls.

Trilogy Machinery now occupies a modern 65,000 ft.² facility complete with brand new 20 ton Kone overhead crane including over 160′ of travel, over 3,000 ft.² of office space and a 5,000 ft.² showroom, where they can demonstrate under power the full line of SWEBEND Bending Rolls including Angle, Section and Plate rolls featuring models with CNC Controls, AKYAPAK Bending Rolls including Section and Plate bending rolls, SUNRISE Ironworkers including machines equipped with CNC controls, LEMAS Plate Bending Rolls,  WARCOM Press Brakes and refurbished Roundo Bending Rolls.

The keys to our success is the knowledge and experience of our staff, combined with the high quality level of the products we sell.

Trilogy Machinery president and founder, Allan Flamholz, holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as an MBA from Loyola College of Maryland. Allan has more experience with bending rolls than any other distributor including having sold close to 4,300 Roundo Plate and Angle bending rolls throughout North America. He has hosted lectures around the world on bending rolls. In addition, he is a contributing author of numerous technical articles in a variety of industry and trade publications.

<br>20' In-feed table with squaring rollers <img src=image/plate4.jpg border=1><br>Touch-screen controller featuring multiple programs <img src=image/plate3.jpg border=1><br>Linear-Rail mounted squaring arm <img src=image/plate2.jpg border=1><br>Knurled drive roller featuring dual proximity sensors for accurate plate positioning <img src=image/plate1.jpg border=1><br>Mitsubishi Servo Motor Driven featuring dual linear encoders <br>Optional Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down <br>Optional Hydraulic Angle Shear Hold-Down
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